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Graduate Programs

The study of East Asian languages and cultures comprises an important and indispensable discipline within the humanities. The M.A. programme in East Asian Studies aims at providing graduate students with advanced language skills and a profound understanding of East Asian culture. This training will prepare graduates of the programme for a variety of careers; it will also provide the basis for the pursuit of more advanced degrees. For example, M.A. graduates may choose to teach at secondary institutions, or to continue their studies in a Ph.D. programme. They will also be able to pursue careers in the public or private sectors, working in government service, in business, or with numerous firms and institutions which require knowledge of East Asian cultures and societies.

Faculty members in the Department of East Asian Studies are able to supervise graduate students in the following fields:

Chinese Linguistics/Pedagogy
Chinese Literature
Japanese Linguistics/Pedagogy
Japanese Literature
Japanese Cultural Studies
East Asian Art History
East Asian Religion
East Asian Studies

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