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  1. Chinese Language Screening Sessions-updated for Winter 2015

    December 03 2014

    For students interested in taking Chinese language courses in Winter 2015, new screening sessions have been confirmed. They will all be held in Pembina Hall, Room 3-20. Please click on title for a complete list of dates and times.

  2. East Asian Studies student entrepreneurial success

    November 20 2014

    Congratulations to Adrianne Thomson on her entrepreneurial success and use of the UofA's eHUB.

  3. Japanese Placement Tests 2015

    November 14 2014

    Dates for Japanese language placement tests for Winter 2015 as well as Spring/Summer 2015 registration have been confirmed! Please follow the link for dates and times.

  4. Spoken Discourse Research Studio SDRS

    August 29 2014

    The Spoken Discourse Research Studio (SDRS) aims at the study of language in actual context. Our primary focus is to identify, document, and/or theorize linguistic knowledge through the examination of everyday talk. We record actual speech along with non-verbal aspects, create transcripts, and analyze data qualitatively and quantitatively. We host various activities, including theme-focused workshops, inviting specialists internationally, and regular research meetings. Please contact sdrs@ualberta.ca to find out more about our lab and its activities. Research activities for SDRS have been supported by generous funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Japan Foundation, the Hakuho Foundation, and the University of Alberta. Please click on the title for a link to the site.

  5. Congratulations

    August 29 2014

    to our graduate student Peng Qiu, who recently gave a talk and won first prize at the 2014 International Symposium on Language, History, and Society: Global Perspectives on the Asia-Pacific Region ( 2014文史與社會國際論壇:「全球視野下的亞太」) The symposium is held annually, this year at the National Normal University of Taiwan. Her paper was entitled The Preliminary Investigation of Grammar in Yilan Creole.

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The Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Alberta offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in Chinese and Japanese language, linguistics, and literature. As the only university department between Toronto and Vancouver devoted solely to the study of East Asia, we provide our students with a valuable opportunity to build a solid foundation for a career involving this exciting and economically vigorous part of the world.


Courses on East Asia have been offered regularly at the University of Alberta since 1961, making our programme one of the oldest in Western Canada. East-Asia-related courses at the University of Alberta were originally offered within the Department of History and Classics, but in response to the increasing demand for courses on East Asia an independent Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures was formed in 1981. Renamed the Department of East Asian Studies in 1994 to reflect the expanded range of topics covered in its courses, the department has continued to grow steadily and now boasts record enrolments in its language and culture courses. Read more