We would like to thank Ryan Dunch and Neill Walker for donating their wonderful photos



  1. Chinese Literature Search 2015

    July 29 2015

    The Department of East Asian Studies in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta invites applications for Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese Literature (tenure-track, starting July 1, 2016). Please follow the link for more information.

  2. Japanese Placement Test 2015_16

    July 07 2015

    Japanese Placement Tests confirmed for language classes in Fall and Winter 2015-16.

  3. EASIA 346 Japanese Literature at a Crossroads

    June 12 2015

    There is still time to register in EASIA 346 (formerly JAPAN 322). Please click on the title above to see the poster and description of this class. It will deepen your knowledge of contemporary Japanese society through literature, manga and film. Don't miss the opportunity!

  4. Teaching Awards

    May 25 2015

    Congratulations to Ms. Yingduo (Sakura) Cui on her Graduate Student Teaching Award from the Faculty of Arts and to Ms. Yumi Sieben, winner of the Wiliam Hardy Alexander Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, the highest teaching award available to contract instructors at the U of A. Please click on the title above for the full story and pictures.

  5. China Screening Dates 2015-16

    May 20 2015

    Chinese Language Screening Sessions confirmed for those students wishing to register for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2015 Chinese language classes.

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The Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Alberta offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in Chinese and Japanese language, linguistics, and literature. As the only university department between Toronto and Vancouver devoted solely to the study of East Asia, we provide our students with a valuable opportunity to build a solid foundation for a career involving this exciting and economically vigorous part of the world.


Courses on East Asia have been offered regularly at the University of Alberta since 1961, making our programme one of the oldest in Western Canada. East-Asia-related courses at the University of Alberta were originally offered within the Department of History and Classics, but in response to the increasing demand for courses on East Asia an independent Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures was formed in 1981. Renamed the Department of East Asian Studies in 1994 to reflect the expanded range of topics covered in its courses, the department has continued to grow steadily and now boasts record enrolments in its language and culture courses. Read more